4 digital jobs with highly needed skills

November 6, 2020

Selling online is an opportunity to develop business with digital but it is only one of the multiple levers. Indeed, we can provide some examples like developing efficient processes, offering innovative tools and services for customers and employees, tasks automatization...

We will highlight 4 jobs that are essential in digital transformation.

UX designer

His goal is to provide the best user experience possible by creating an optimized interface. The UX designer must put himself in the user’s shoes to reach his aim : improving user satisfaction with intuitive interface and positive emotion.

Front-office UX optimization is perfect to increase customer loyalty or to sell products and/or services more easily. Back-office UX optimization will allow the employees of a company to work efficiently (increasing productivity and their loyalty).

He creates project mock-ups according to the brand’s image and visual identity. He is working with graphic designers, project managers and developers.

Front-end, back-end, full-stack developer

There are 3 kinds of developers :

  • Front-end who is working with HTML, CSS and Javascript and on the visible side (web-design)
  • Back-end who is working with dynamic programming languages such as Javascript, PHP, Node JS, Python, Ruby… He is involved in the back-end features like web hosting, website or/and app and databases.
  • Full-Stack who is expert in both front-end and back-end

Actually, full-Stack developer is one the most wanted profil. He is able to develop a whole website or app. He can also develop tailored features and solutions.

His skills allow him to have a global vision of a project, he is the heart of all digital projects ! Depending on the projects, he can work with a UX designer, a graphic designer, a specialist in natural referencing or web-marketing.

Digital project manager

The digital project manager elaborates and plans the marketing and communication web strategy.

Communication and web-marketing expert, he analyzes all kinds of metrics (publications, traffic, interaction, online notoriety, etc.) to organize and manage the content to set up on various media.

He must be organized to work on metrics but also creative. He is working with all the team in a digital project.

Web and mobile project manager

His mission is to develop with his team website, app and software (web and mobile).

He provides solutions according to the customer brief with his technical, UX, design and marketing expertise.

Web and mobile PM must have strong technical skills and a good tech background. He is working with developers, UX designers, marketing experts and even scientific to elaborate complex algorithm.

Digitalization for all kinds of business

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