Five Simple Steps to Make Your Life Easier

March 13, 2020

Regardless of your career goals and current job situation, there are always some things that we need to be reminded of. Fashion Studio Magazine’s contributors agreed to share their best tips how to improve your daily habits and make yourself less prone to stress. With their 5 simple yet effective steps, you will be able to handle difficult situations in a more confident and relaxed manner. Read on!


Strive to Single-task

"The fact is that only 2% of people can multitask effectively. The rest of us are just hectically trying to deal with numerous tasks at the same time, forgetting about one, not completing the other and doing low-quality of the third one. It just doesn't work as much as we think it does and it's stressful and frustrating. Heavy multitasking will only impair your cognitive control and decrease your efficiency.

Stop and learn how to single-task. Make a list of activities you are supposed to do that day and prioritize them. Do each one of them one by one. Don't start with the next one until you're completely done with the previous one. It leads to less stress and you'll notice you are finishing your obligations sooner.” - Lena Hemsworth

Determination is the Key to Success

“Success doesn’t happen overnight, which is why you need to stay determined and motivated and keep going forward no matter what. Everything needs time, so don’t push it too hard and you won’t end up disappointed. Yes, there will be difficult times where everything will look impossible, but you know what? Giving up is never an option, so remember that determination is essential and you will undoubtedly succeed!” - Claire Hastings

Seek the Company of Doers

“Think about people you surround yourself with every day. If you are the most proactive person among them, then it's time you look for a different company, somewhere else. You want to be close to active people, who do instead of talk, who make difference and explore instead of repeating the same old story. Doers will inspire you, make your everyday life different, help you bring new ideas into the world.” - Lena Hemsworth

Prioritize Sleep

“Be sure to get at the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep at night. Adequate sleep increases mental clarity and boosts mood.” - Jason Gordon

Always Dress to Impress

“Don’t let the fact that you’re working in a small company or at a starting position deter you from investing in your look; even a casual outfit should be elevated with a smart blazer or sleek accessories to get the message across that you are ready to succeed in life. This is even more important if you’re doing a job that requires you to meet with business partners and clients, or simply engage with the world outside your office, as the clothes you wear aren’t just a reflection of your personality, they are also a representation of the company you work for. Your appearance and your personal style are a reflection of your professionalism. So, be intentional in the choices you make, and always dress for success.” - Luke Douglas

Written by Eva Fydrych, Founder & Art Director of Fashion Studio Magazine