How Grove HR help you recruit auto-magically in the Remote World

December 16, 2021

While organizations still deal with the struggles of employee engagement and collaboration, working remotely has produced a new challenge in their business operations, and that is remote recruitment. However, with the use of the applicants tracking systems, companies can create and integrate a recruitment plan that improves your talent acquisition program.

Why do you need recruitment software (ATS) right now?

Streamline the hiring process & improve the hiring experience

70% of job seekers lose interest in a job if they don’t hear back just one week after an interview, making frequent feedback a top priority. With the use of recruitment software, HR can improve applicant tracking and keep them updated in no time. A large scale of functions is also automated to streamline the recruitment process.

A good way to save money

Recruitment software helps companies reduce administrative costs and onboarding costs. With an efficient App Tracking System, they can now keep applicants interested up until they’re fully hired without having to leave the job position vacant for the longest time.

Access the global employee market

With recruitment software, you can screen and onboard talents from anywhere in the world. This gives you access to a wider range of skills and expertise that could be highly resourceful to your business growth.

Companies are using it to adapt to the New Normal of the Labor Market.

Several companies are digitizing their recruitment process too. Over 98% of Fortune 500 Companies Use Applicant Tracking Systems to support and automate their recruitment process. Especially when doing it all remotely with an ATS, the process of screening, evaluation, interviewing, offering, and onboarding can be automated, collaborated seamlessly and self-served.

How Grove HR can help you hire the best talents faster

Attract top talents

Grove HR recruitment functions allow users to publish an appealing career site and automatically introduce interested applicants into your hiring pipeline in seconds. Recruiters also get to decide whether to make a job posting public or keep them private for internal hiring.

With Grove HR, companies can also customize their hiring stages and guide candidates through these stages, up until the completion of the recruitment process where a trigger offer mail is then sent.

Streamline the screening process

Grove HR also features a skill and tag function that allows recruiters to automatically shortlist successful candidates by filtering them according to skills and tags that are specific to the job opening.

With the quick-note function, the lead recruiter and team members can attach vital information to the profile of each applicant for the team to see and stay in sync on the interview history and decisions made. Candidates can also be evaluated and graded by each member of the recruiting team to simplify decision-making and eliminate biased judgment.

Hire quicker and onboard better

Automate the job offering with Grove HR and reduce the length of time-to-offer. By sending a job offer to successful candidates automatically, you get to hire them while they are still interested, rather than reaching out when they’ve totally moved on.

Not stopping there, successfully hired candidates and his/her information will be converted right away to an employee account, then all you have to do is one click to kick start the onboarding process.

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Hiring the best remote employees for your company can get super-easy with Grove HR. Our platform offers resourceful features that automate and simplify HR functions that assure improvement in productivity in that department.