Jobbinghood offers free Resume web page for job seekers

February 8, 2021

ORLANDO, January, 21, 2021 — Jobbinghood, the world’s first multimedia job network, has launched a new tool for job seekers: A free resume and skills web page where they can have their own professional listing. In their web page listing they can insert anything they want including text, images, audios and videos, video or audio resumes. The tool offers a 24/7 chat account for contacting and responding to queries from recruiters and employers and online contact forms. But best of all, it is totally FREE.

The idea behind this tool is to give job seekers the ability to contact and be contacted by employers anytime via voice, chat, video chat or email while having their own web page address which they can use in their resumes or social media profiles.

Jobbinghood also has a directory of employers, recruiters and career advisors , a potent job search engine with job posting capabilities, a section for job video ads and video resumes, company videos, a job news & career advice magazine among other resources.

How to Get Started

Job seekers, employers, recruiters and anybody wanting to start using our tools may visit our website to Signup and create their listing.

Job seekers can register for FREE and create a simple yet powerful profile in our job seeker’s directory that will allow them to be found by employers using keywords, tags, categories, locations, etc. Job seekers get a professional profile website’s URL they can put in their resumes. Then of course they get jobbinghood’s chat account to which they can connect 24/7 and engage in conversations with recruiters and employers as well other candidates for networking.

Some of the benefits you get when creating your own resume website listing are:

  • Use your new website address in your resumes •
  • Get your jobbinghood’s chat account
  • Search millions of available jobs
  • Contact recruiters/employers directly via email or chat
  • Let recruiters contact you via email or live chat 24-7
  • Upload video or audio resumes
  • Get job market news & career advice

We also invite you to visit our Job news site to get the latest news about the job market, corporate news, economy and career advice articles. If you are a writer or a career adviser and have a topic you want to talk about, you may publish your own articles in our site.

Jobbinghood LLC is an American company and the world’s first multimedia job network. We provide online communication, data management and social networking services for jobseekers and employers.