Spanish courses online

March 22, 2021


Lengalia, as a concept, started back in 1990 when director José Delgado founded his first language school in Hamburg. Since then he has dedicated his professional career to helping others learn Spanish and as such has developed a deep understanding of how to do so in the most effective way possible. Lengalia’s online platform offers a comprehensive range of resources, in a wide variety of subject areas and all courses have been designed with the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) recommendations in mind. Once students have completed the final test in a course they will have achieved an official CEFR accredited certificate at no additional cost.

Lengalia´s courses are self-paced, with the learner at the forefront from the very outset. There is a comprehensive placement test, available to all for free on the website, ensuring students start at the right level. There are 24 courses on offer, ranging from CEFR level A0 beginners to the more advanced C2 and covering a wide range of topics, including Spanish for Business, Medical Spanish, Spanish for Holidays and Trips, and Computer Spanish.

Each course is composed of a number of lessons, and course materials are clear and well-structured. Within each course the four key aspects of listening, talking, reading and writing are covered via detailed explanations, video links, audio clips and exercises. By providing students with such a variety of activities and stimuli, Lengalia caters for diverse learning styles as well as ensuring students remain motivated throughout. What’s more, all materials are under continuous review, making sure students have access to the most effective and up-to-date learning possible.

Once a course has been started, students can view precise learning statistics, showing them their progress and helping them make informed decisions about their learning. It’s important to note, however, that students are never alone as Lengalia offers a virtual teacher service via instant messenger, Skype or email as well as a help centre providing technical support.

All our 24 Spanish courses online are complimented by a variety of bespoke language tools, ensuring students get the very most out of their experience.

  • Learning to conjugate verbs is one of the biggest difficulties students face when learning Spanish but Lengalia's verb conjugator allows students to practise the 108 most important regular and irregular verbs in all forms, modes and tenses. Not only that but every conjugation comes with an audio clip so students can listen to the pronunciation as well.
  • Lengalia also provides access to a dedicated vocabulary trainer, specially designed to help students learn and retain vocabulary easily, ideal for anyone who wants to practise their vocabulary on the move.
  • In combination with the vocabulary trainer, Lengalia provides a translator tool which not only allows students to translate any unknown words at the click of a button but these words can easily be added to the student’s personalised vocabulary trainer.
  • Lengalia’s audio recorder is a fantastic way to improve speaking and pronunciation skills, giving students the opportunity to record and compare their voice with that of a Spanish native speaker.

From only €4.99/month, students have immediate access to all these courses as well as the language tools, that’s over 280 lessons and more than 2000 hours of learning! All in all, Lengalia’s unique combination of effort, knowledge and experience along with the well-structured and diverse range of materials is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning or improving their Spanish.